Last April, Humane Society International (HSI) rescued more than 200 dogs from a dog meat farm in South Korea. As one of HSI’s placement partner organizations, UVHS was asked to help.

Charity and Cayla, two dogs rescued from the farm, came to UVHS in May. Much like human victims of trauma, both were shut down. The dogs, each of whom weighs more than 100 pounds, had to be carried into the shelter!

They presented our team with a number of challenges. At UVHS, volunteers and staff slowly taught them to eat solid food for the first time, accept the presence of humans, and even to walk through doorways.

At times, we wondered if we would be able to break through to them, to help them heal and to be ready for a loving home.

Today, after nearly 9 months, Charity and Cayla have made amazing progress and are ready for their forever homes.


The adoption process for these dogs will be a little different as they have many more needs than a typical dog.

Both Charity and Cayla need to be the only pet in your home. They will need a lot of patience and love.

If you or someone you know might be interested in the hard work and wonderful rewards of caring for a dog like this, please email Sherri at







These photos from Humane Society International (HSI) are examples of what the conditions were like for Charity and Cayla in South Korea: