Meet Our New Executive Director – Nikki Ranieri

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Nikki Grimes Ranieri, Executive Director, with Mr. Bones, who has now been adopted

Nikki Grimes Ranieri, became Executive Director in January 2017. Nikki, who joined the Upper Valley Humane Society in 2015 as Development Manager, succeeds Ayeshah Al-Humaidhi, who had led the organization since March 2015 before stepping down earlier this month.

As the Development Manager, Nikki was instrumental in advancing the Upper Valley Humane Society’s fundraising program. She is committed to carrying on the good work and direction established by Ayeshah and to serving the Upper Valley, where she grew up.

Before joining UVHS, Nikki had previously worked at Central Vermont Humane Society. An animal lover with three dogs of her own, she is passionate about maintaining an outstanding shelter and continuing to serve people and pets with compassion.

Nikki is excited to have the opportunity to make a difference to so many animals and the people who work at the humane society, and about where we are as an organization.

“Ayeshah did an outstanding job of setting us on exactly the right course,” Nikki told the Valley News recently. “I have the obligation and honor of carrying on what she started.”

Looking ahead, Nikki’s goals include spreading the word about the organization’s role as an active and significant institution in animal care. “We are more than an adoption center, and we need to tell that story.”

An “early vegetarian,” Nikki says she’s always been passionate about animals. In the 1970’s, her family had a “marmalade cat” named KC for kitty cat.

“I just adored that cat, and she adored me,” she told the Valley News. When she was ready to have kittens, the orange cat chose a natural spot — Nikki’s closet.


– This content was excerpted from an article by Aimee Caruso for the Valley News