A Letter of Love Stories

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April 3, 2019


Dear Friends,


This is a letter full of love stories made possible by your compassion for the animals.


Your generosity for the animals here at the Upper Valley Humane Society makes a world of difference. Your investment in UVHS ensures that people and pets fall in love here every day. Because of you, animals who come to UVHS are embraced by loving arms, healed by kindness, and ultimately, have a second chance.


Through your love, you have transformed the lives of the dogs, cats and bunnies you will read about here. Thank you for all you do for UVHS and the animals.


Meet Maggie May.

Imagine being 15 years old and homeless.

This sweet girl, Maggie May, came to UVHS earlier this year when her human daddy became homeless.


Being a sweet senior lady, we made sure Maggie May had the most relaxed and comfortable stay possible – she even lived in a staff member’s office!


Maggie May loved being with people and away from the bustling activity in the main kennel. She also became fast friends with Nora, a dog staying in the office next door.


Maggie May wagged her tail into all of our hearts here at UVHS. She was sad when her friend Nora was adopted, but she didn’t have to wait long for her own new family. She wiggled her way into their hearts, too! She is pictured here on her new front porch.


Thank you for giving this sweet senior citizen a new life through your love and contributions.



Meet Nebula.

Another senior lady, Nebula, came to UVHS in November after the death of both of her owners.


Being mostly blind and deaf, with few remaining teeth, Nebula needed the security of a room of her own. Like other seniors, she moved into the safety of a staff member’s office. There, she engaged with people on her own terms.


She enjoyed sleeping in fluffy beds warmed by the radiant heat in our floors. She also liked being free from the stress of living with other cats who might not treat her with the dignity and distinction that her age earned her.


As old as she was, she got to know our veterinarian very well!

In addition to Nebula’s initial exam, she had two vaccinations (distemper and rabies), was tested for parasites, FeLV, FIV, and heartworm, received monthly flea and tick preventative treatments, and was microchipped. Nebula also had regular check-ups to ensure she remained healthy during her long five-month stay with us – she had 15 exams altogether!


Last week, Nebula moved on to her loving new home. Thank you for all your support of UVHS – your contributions make it possible to provide a safe haven and tender loving care to cats like Nebula.


The stories of Nebula and Maggie May are not unique. We have many senior pets come into the shelter for a variety of reasons. I am sharing their stories because they illustrate the tender loving care provided to every animal.


Your love of animals and support for UVHS gave Nebula and Maggie May the chance to live out their sunset years with the love, peace, and joy of a new family.




Meet Mr. Lucky.

Mr. Lucky was one of 23 bunnies that UVHS took in on a moment’s notice last fall. In their first home, they were loved and socialized. In fact, our vet noted, “In general they are very clean and well-managed.”


Unfortunately, the family lost their housing and couldn’t keep their beloved rabbits.


Mr. Lucky was just a few months old when he arrived at UVHS, but he was already a very special bunny. He had a condition where his rear legs stick out to the side and he could not retract or extend them.


This condition, called splay leg, is not uncommon and is most often inherited. Many rabbits live happily with the condition and Mr. Lucky was no exception. Because he had good care in his first home, he was relatively unfazed by his disability.


Thanks to your contributions to UVHS, we were able to take in all of the rabbits, including Mr. Lucky, provide medical care, spay or neuter them, and help them find new homes. Mr. Lucky’s new family recently sent us this photo of him – check out his fancy parking placard! He’s one lucky bunny!




Now meet Chancy.

Chancy’s story is all about love.

Six-year old Chancy came to UVHS in January. He had lived with his human companion since he was just a puppy. Well-loved, Chancy’s bright eyes and energetic spirit charmed us all.


Sadly, Chancy’s owner became quite ill and could no longer care for himself or Chancy, but he loved his dog. In fact, he loved Chancy so much that he knew he had to let him go so that he could have the life he deserved.


Chancy came to UVHS with a beautiful letter about his likes and dislikes – including the fact that he likes to sleep under the covers! The last paragraph of this letter was addressed to his future family and written from Chancy’s perspective:


“I am not here because I was bad, or naughty, I didn’t do anything wrong.

My owner of the past 6 years is too sick to pet or play, he can’t lift his arms

at all. He wants me to be happy. He wants me to be loved and enjoyed.”


This is the ultimate testament to love – to love Chancy so much that his owner put Chancy’s interests and quality of life ahead of his own heart.


Thanks to you, UVHS was here for Chancy. Your heart will be happy to know that Chancy once again found love with a new family. At right, he is pictured in his new home. The love between them is unmistakable.


Your donations made these happy endings possible.


At UVHS, we envision a community in which all pets are loved. We seek to inspire compassion for all living creatures and honor the bond between animals and the people they love.


One thing each of these animals and families have in common is that they were victims of circumstance. Thanks to the donations we receive from compassionate people like you, we were able to step in and help during their time of need.


Your support now would make a huge difference in the lives of countless animals as we move into the busiest part of our year – summer.


Would you make a gift to UVHS today?


With gratitude for all you do for the animals,





Nikki Grimes Ranieri

Executive Director


P.S. On behalf of Maggie May, Nebula, Mr. Lucky, and Chancy, thank you. Please donate today so we can make happy endings possible for even more animals in the Upper Valley.