UVHS provides temporary housing and care for animals in emergency situations.

If you are suddenly hospitalized or displaced by a house fire, for instance, we can help take care of your pets so that you don’t have to surrender them.


  • We do not provide general vacation boarding or pet sitting as a service. Our boarding is for emergencies only.


  • An appointment is required to make sure we have ample space to accommodate your pet(s).


  • Our emergency boarding is for a 2 week period and can sometimes be extended, depending on your situation.


  • All animals staying with us must be up to date on vaccinations. UVHS can provide vaccinations to animals who need them, to ensure that your pet(s) and our staff are protected and safe.


  • Emergency boarding is a free service offered by UVHS. We recognize that most owners looking to board their pet with us are in a financial hardship, and we want to help get them through tough times by taking care of their pet(s).


  • To make an appointment for emergency boarding, please contact Alyssa at (603) 448-6888 ext. 109 or alyssa@uvhs.org.


Thank you so much to PetSmart Charities for rewarding us a grant to renovate our emergency boarding rooms in 2020!