Bridget and Hopie created Bridge to Hope as a fun way to help homeless animals.

Hi, I’m Hopie. I live in Hanover, NH, and am in seventh grade at Richmond Middle School. My friend and I are doing a school project called 20-time, decided to focus on animals, and created Bridge to Hope with the Humane Society. I love animals, especially dogs, and so does my friend which is what inspired us to create this program, Bridge to Hope. In my free time I also like to play sports and spend time with friends.


Hello, my name is Bridget. I’m a seventh grader currently attending Richmond Middle School in Hanover, NH. Ever since I was really little I always enjoyed animals and I remember asking my parents continuously for a pet. So once I heard about the 20-time project in English I knew what I would do it on – animals! Out of school, I play sports and I enjoy spending time with friends and family.