These individuals are making a commitment to donate each month, helping to ensure the stability of animals here at UVHS. Their gift will help vaccinate animals, fill hungry bellies, provide spay or neuter surgeries, and care for pets with serious medical needs.

They are making a difference for countless lives. Click here to join them and become a Constant Companion!


Allan’s Vending Service
Paul & Judy Barker
William Bates
Angelique Benner
Audra Charron
Emmett Christman
Carlisse Clough
Vickie Davis
Beverlee Donavan
Marisa Donovan
Elizabeth Dumas
Jay Dunlap
Carmen Fletcher
Donna Fontaine
Svetlana Gerace
Nikki Grimes
Ridie Wilson Ghezzi
Xanthe Sim Hallman
Deanna Heon
Mary Hynes
Daniel & Martha Langone
Kristin Burch Lehmann
Douglas Lyon
Cheri Meier
Andrea Moore
Helga Mueller
Susan Nellen
Bob & Larissa Pyer
Garth & Cindy Rand
Robert & Janice Reed
Carl Richter & Jessica Ferren
Leigh Roche & Dee Gee Whitney
Peter & Cynthia Swart
Jill Turek
Wenona Waldo
Christopher Way