Caron Bronstein
Caron Bronstein

Attention Trainers: The UVHS training room is available to rent! For more information, please email or call Carrie at 603-448-6888.



About the Trainer

Caron Bronstein is passionate about dog training and helping owners to understand their dogs through the training process. An obedience, rally obedience and agility instructor, Caron has taught for the last 15 years at Complete Canine in Plainfield, NH. She emphasizes positive motivational methods in teaching students and their dogs to develop mutual trust and respect. Her goal is to help owners train their dogs to become well-mannered companions and pets in all settings and to build the foundation for good behavior at home and during any activities in which the owner and dog wish to participate.

Caron offers classes at UVHS several evenings a week. She also teaches in-home private lessons throughout the Upper Connecticut River Valley.


Registration & Schedule

Registration is direct through Caron. Please call 603-398-2293 or email her at for more information. Caron has new sessions starting all the time! Give her a call to find the day and time that’s right for you.

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Tuition for Caron’s Classes at UVHS

Obedience classes – $120 / 6 week session
Rally Obedience – $120 / 6 week session
Drop–In Fee – $25 / class
Private consultations – $70 / hour (in home or at UVHS or SAVES)


Class Descriptions

Puppy Kindergarten

This 6 week class has flexible enrollment for puppies at least 8 weeks old but not yet 16 weeks old when the class begins. The focus is to teach caregivers early puppy training and care in a happy, positive way. Puppies will have a great time playing with other puppies and learning social skills necessary to be a good pet. Each owner will also have the opportunity to handle each of the puppies in class in order to provide the puppies with essential socialization with humans. An introduction to leash work and basic commands will also be taught.

Obedience 1

This 6 week class is for dogs over the age of 16 weeks (4 months) of age. The focus in this class will be to teach caregivers to train their dogs using low stress positive reinforcement training techniques. Behaviors taught are the basics of good behavior – sit, lie down, stay, wait, come when called, heeling on a leash without pulling and more.

Obedience 2

This 6 week class is for dogs that have graduated from the Obedience 1 (or similar) class. The focus in this class will be to increase the reliability of the skills taught in the Obedience 1 class and having the dogs perform these skills in increasingly distracting situations. New skills, such as beginning off lead work, jumping, retrieving and clicker training, will also be introduced in this class. Skills will be taught using a variety of group exercises and games.

Competition Obedience

This class is for dog and handler teams who are interested in training with more precision and versatility with the goal of moving towards dog sport competition in traditional obedience or rally obedience. The focus in this class will be to teach the specific skills required for competition as well as continuing the practical training needed for everyday behaviors.