Creating a fundraiser on Facebook is easy! It’s a great way to share your support of the Upper Valley Humane Society and encourage friends to join your cause.

All of the funds you raise go directly to the animals—we aren’t charged any service fees.

You can create a Facebook fundraiser to celebrate your birthday, in honor of someone you love, in memory of your own beloved pet, or to just do a good deed on behalf of the pets at UVHS.

We have created an easy guide to help get you started. Facebook also helps you out along the way.


Step 1.

Click on this link:

You will be taken to a page that looks like this:

You can choose to host the fundraiser as yourself or as a business page if you are doing it on behalf of your company. Choose the amount you want to raise and when you want the fundraiser to end. Then click ‘Next’.


Step 2.

On this page, you can create a title for your fundraiser. Facebook auto fills a description of the fundraiser with some information about UVHS.

We recommend keeping a description about UVHS for those people who may not have heard of us. But we encourage you to add an introductory paragraph explaining why you want to help raise money for the animals.

After you are done, click ‘Next’.


Step 3.

Here you can add a cover photo to personalize your fundraiser. If you are raising money in memory of a pet, upload a picture of your pet! Or if you are raising money to celebrate your birthday, find an adorable picture of an animal wearing a birthday hat!

Choose a photo that will grab the attention of your friends scrolling through their Facebook feed. When you make it stand out, your friends are more likely to click on it and see what it’s all about.

Once you are done choosing a photo, click ‘Create’.


Step 4. 

After you click on ‘Create’, you get taken to the homepage of your new fundraiser. Click on ‘Get Started’ to invite your friends and to share your fundraiser to your timeline. We encourage you to donate to your own fundraiser! Your friends will see you are committed to the cause and will help you reach your fundraising goal.


Step 5.

After you have taken these first few steps, your fundraiser homepage will keep you updated. In the upper right, you will be able to see who has donated, who has been invited, and who has shared your fundraiser.

You can also see your fundraising progress.

Remember to keep sharing updates on your fundraiser! It’s easy to do. On the right hand side of your fundraiser homepage, you can type in a progress update under ‘Share Update’. When you click on ‘Post’, it gets added to your timeline with a link to your fundraiser.


Step 6.

At the bottom of the fundraiser page, you can see recent activity. Whenever someone donates to your cause, you can see it here. Make sure to thank them for helping you reach your goal!


Step 7.

At the end of your fundraiser, share a post to your timeline thanking everyone and telling your friends how much you raised! That’s it!

Facebook takes care of making sure the donations get to the animals at the Upper Valley Humane Society.


Thank you so much for caring for the animals at UVHS!