Nikki Ranieri, Executive Director

Nikki became the executive director of UVHS in 2017 after serving as the organization’s development manager since 2015. Prior to joining UVHS, Nikki led the development program at Central Vermont Humane Society and worked in the advancement office at Dartmouth College for more than a decade.

Nikki oversees all of UVHS’s staff, programs, and the execution of UVHS’ mission. Reach Nikki at (603) 448-6888 or


Stephanie Frommer, Director of Operations

Stephanie can provide you with information about UVHS and its operations. Reach Steph at (603) 448-6888 ext. 129 or


Amy Woodman, Shelter Manager

Amy can assist you with matters regarding adoptions, fostering, surrenders and general inquiries about the shelter and the animals in our care. Reach Amy at (603) 448-6888 ext. 115 or


Carrie Hamel, Donor Relations Associate

Carrie can provide you with information on events, communications, making a donation, corporate sponsorship, and how to include UVHS in your will.  Reach her at (603) 448-6888 ext. 100 or


Charlene Dandrea, Volunteer & Youth Programs Coordinator

Charlene can assist you with information about volunteering, group visits, youth programs and summer camp. Reach her at (603) 448-6888 ext. 1117 or

Sherri Champney, Canine Coordinator

Sherri can assist you with information regarding stray dogs, dog surrenders and dog adoptions. Reach her at 603-448-6888 ext. 114 or


Sara Glennon, Feline Coordinator

Sara can assist you with feline adoptions, fostering, and surrenders. She’s also the person to call for feline adoption support or behavior questions. Reach Sara at 603-448-6888 ext. 123 or


Animal Care Team

Maureen McNulty, DVM, Shelter Veterinarian

Doreen Clark, Veterinary Technician

Alyssa Braley, Animal and Customer Service Technician

Winter Batten, Animal and Customer Service Technician

Caitlin Smith, Animal and Customer Service Technician

Kate Yoder, Animal and Customer Service Technician