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TNR Success Stories!

The UVHS Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) Program helps over 100 cats each year by providing vaccinations and spay/neuter services. In most cases, cats are returned to where they were found – back to what they call home. However, we sometimes meet cats that are curious about us humans. They aren’t sure if they want to be our friends, but are willing to give it a go!

These cats are sometimes adopted out through our Barn Cat Program or are placed in a foster home for some patient attention. Here are a couple of stories about some recent TNR cats to put a smile on your face!

Docket was one of many cats trapped at a mobile home park in Vermont. Prior to his neuter surgery, the veterinarian found a few health concerns. To make sure everything was alright, he stayed with us for four months so our medical team could make sure he was in the best of health.

Like many semi-feral cats, he did not totally trust people and preferred his space. But, he found comfort and connected with one of the staff members! After a clean bill of health, he now has a loving, warm home with his fursisters that allows him access to the outdoors whenever he pleases. 

feral cat over food bowl

Peralta and his siblings were born to a cat who had trouble trusting people. His mother had no known owner and decided to live under a good Samaritan’s home. This person took the time to feed her and spoil the family with yummy treats so they would grow to be strong. However, due to housing regulations, UVHS got the call to help trap this group and rehome them through our adoption program.

Peralta was one of the kittens that showed signs he might like to spend time with a patient person so he joined the foster program. With lots of snuggles and socialization, Peralta learned to love and trust.

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