Benefits of Spay/Neuter

At the Upper Valley Humane Society, we provide pet owners and companion animals with services that reduce suffering, support wellness, and foster compassion. One way we do this is through our monthly, reduced cost spay and neuter clinics. These clinics help reduce financial strain on almost 200 families in our community and improve the health of about 300 pets annually.

The spay/neuter services offered at UVHS are most often provided by another non-profit organization called Spay ASAP. Their veterinarian, Dr. Sara White, and her technician, travel to UVHS to perform an average of 27 procedures each month.

The benefits of spaying or neutering pets include:
  • A decrease in surrenders to shelters of unwanted kittens, puppies, and energetic adolescent pets
  •  A decrease in unmanaged feral cat colonies in our communities caused by indoor/outdoor intact cats
  •  A reduction in behavior problems associated with intact pets, such as howling/spraying in cats, attempts at escaping to find a mate, and aggression in male dogs
  • A decrease in surrenders to shelters due to behavior problems associated with intact pets
  • A decreased risk of breast, uterine, testicular, and prostate cancer in pets
  • A decreased chance of financial strain for families fighting cancer in pets

If you are interested in spaying or neutering your pet, please reach out to us about our clinics. You can learn more about the services we offer by clicking here.


We are currently open for adoptions by appointment. All available animals are listed on our website. If you see one you are interested in or require assistance through one of our programs, please call or email us.

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