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A Few of the Many Heroes Behind the Scenes

When the pandemic hit, Emily and Eli took on the challenge of fostering Remington, a young and energetic hound. After an awesome time in foster care Remington was adopted!

Our volunteers play an important role in everything we do here at UVHS. They help with clinics, socialize cats, walk the dogs, and foster animals to help them put their best paws forward. Here is what Emily and Eli had to say about their days with Remington and why they choose to donate their time to foster animals in need.

Q: What made you decide to foster for UVHS?

A: Years ago, we adopted two wonderful cats from UVHS and have followed UVHS on Facebook ever since. Earlier this year, we saw a post looking for a foster home for a super handsome hound that needed some love and attention.

Q: What was challenging about fostering?

A: Remington had a strong, stubborn personality and many bad habits to work on. Learning the best ways to work with him could be challenging, but was also really rewarding when he improved!

Q: What’s something Remy did that made you laugh or highlighted his personality?

A: One of Remington’s favorite things to do was roll in the grass. He would snort and grunt and be so happy that you couldn’t help but laugh!

Q: What was your favorite part of fostering?

A: Being able to help an animal that really needed love and patience to become his best self. His love of being outdoors got us out walking and hiking a lot; it was a beautiful  summer to be outside! Watching Remington go home with his new family was harder than we expected, but also incredibly rewarding to see the success we had helping prepare him for his loving forever home. It was kind of like a proud parent watching their kid successfully go out into the real world.

Thank you Emily and Eli and all the UVHS foster families. You make a huge difference for the animals!

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